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Swans Are Flying and It’s Time To Hunt

January 23rd, 2014 by Shaine Reece

Well to say I was quite concerned that John and I were going to miss our chance at hunting swans in Montana is an understatement.  I was in Ohio hunting whitetail and thought I would call the hot line to see what the numbers looked like.  To my sadness the number of swans was down to about 800-1000, which means the flocks have already migrated past, usually!  So I get home and John calls and says we need to head east to hunt.  I’m like what are we going to hunt.  John then informs me he just called the hot line and the swan numbers were up to over 4000.  Holy cow, the hunt was on.  I met up with John and Scott the next morning and the hunt began.  John had never harvested a swan before and I told him he was up first.  We hunt them by finding a location where the swans jump from pond to pond.  We have had great success in the past by doing this, so our hopes were high.  As we get set up, I notice the swans are beginning to fly.  There is probably 1500 on the lake already and the sky is filled.  We haven’t been there more then 15 minutes and here comes a flock of 3.  20 yards off the deck.  I look at John and say get ready.  As the swans get closer I realize how large these birds truly are.  Finally they get within shooting distance and I hear 2 shots and a massive bird hit the ground.  John did it, he harvested his first swan and what a giant it was.  Largest swan I had ever seen.  This bird was 48 pound with a wing span close to 8 feet.  Hugs and high fives were a flying.  So now it is my turn and I am looking for a big bird.  Finally after several failed attempts by me, a large flock comes in with on giant bird in the flock.  I pull up the old over and under of Johns and let the steel fly.  Finally, my bird was on the ground.  What an incredible hunt we had and memories to last all of us a lifetime.  I pray I can draw my tag again next year.  Momma Reece say the birds and now she wants one too.  So hopefully next year it will be a family affair too.


Amyot Lake Outfitters Produces Again, Monster Bears And Amazing Memories!!

June 24th, 2013 by Shaine Reece

To say that we had an amazing time with Brad at Amyot Lake Outfitters is an understatement.  With 7 of us in camp and all shooting at and seeing bears daily just shows how good it really is up there.  We had several fans and friends in camp and with John coming up to camp for the first time I knew this hunt would be one we would all talk about for years to come.

John had never been hunting in Saskatchewan nor had he harvested a bear.  So my mind was on getting him and his good friend Dave their bears.  John and Dave teamed up for day 1 and with hopes high, and lots of bears on camera I knew it was only a matter of time before I had good news.  Their hunt started off as expected with bears showing up right away.  I could only imagine what was going threw their heads when the first one hit the bait.  Dave was up first and with them learning the ropes on judging and behavior patterns, they were getting a quick education.  After the 6th or 7th bear to come in, Dave saw the one he wanted to take.  With adrenaline running and the shakes beginning, Dave waited for his opportunity.  I told the guys that a bears stomach will over rule his mind and to be patient, the bear will give you the shot you need.  With a patient hand Dave waited for a perfect broadside shot.  As the arrow was ready and his bow in hand the shot was finally there.  Steading his nerves like a champ, the arrow was released.  As it hit its mark, Dave and John had a bear on the ground.

Next day it was Johns turn.  John knowing what he had seen from the day before, told me to be ready to pack a bear out because he knew it was going to happen.  I told them good luck and I’m ready to hear the details of the hunt.  Same situation as the day before.  Bears were all over the bait.  With several close encounters and numerous bears, John was holding out for the bear he wanted.  Finally, near the end of the days hunt, a beautiful bear walks out.  To both their surprise, the bear coming to the bait had a white “w” shape on his chest.  With John’s last name starting with a “w”, he knew it had to be fait.  As John steadied his Hoyt, and his mind trying to control the nerves, John finally had his shot.  Not realizing the blind was in his way, John released his arrow.  With the loud slap sound and the arrow flying off kilter, John realized what just happened.  With a quick reload and the bear still standing there not knowing what just happened, the arrow was sent down range.  As it hit the bear in the perfect heart placement, John and Dave both stood silent for a second to try and figure out what just happened.  With a hole in the blind and two men with sheepish looks, they new that this bear was meant for John.  As John got out of the blind to find the blood trail on the second arrow, his knees were still shaking.  Knowing he had harvested his first bear and to do it with his new Hoyt, John was overtaken with emotion.  High fives and laughter was in the air as John walked up to his trophy.

While all this was going on, I was still in the hunt for a giant bear.  3 days later, with John with me as my good luck charm, I was sitting in my stand.  After rearranging stand and cutting down branches, I figured we would be their for the long haul.  As I’m talking to the camera and John, I look up the hill and in mid sentence, I see movement and the world bear comes out.  I couldn’t have been more the 20 minutes and here he comes, right down the trail we had just walked in.  The bear actually came right to the base of the tree we were sitting in.  Our ScentBlocker cloths did its work as the bear didn’t wind us at all.  He finally went around and headed toward the bait.  The bear was on bait for probably 10 minutes not giving me much of a quality shot.  I decided to wait for a better one.  John and I both agree that you have to take a perfect shot on bears because they are tough animals and the last thing we want is to wound one.  To both our surprise, the bear grabs on of the beavers and takes off running.  We both stood there speechless and realized our chance at this bear was probably over.  My mind was running wild and doubt had set in.  I told John I needed a moment to myself and that I didn’t want to talk.  As I sat there thinking of all the no shot opportunities, I look up to say something to John.  As I rose my head I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Here he comes, the bear is coming back to the bait.  I looked at John and said bear, and without a word the camera was on and the hunt began for the second time.  After about 15 more minutes the bear finally gave me the perfect shot.  A quick prayer and the arrow was off.  The shot was perfect and the bear went 20 yards and expired right in front of us.  Finally, I had my bear down.

To this day, thinking back on the 3 of us and our experiences, I can not describe what it all meant.  To see my friends harvest their first bears and then to have John with me on mine, was amazing.  There were 2 other bears harvest in camp that week.  Jeff a fan of the show harvested his first bear and Mike got a great bear himself.  All in all the trip was a huge success and one we all will remember.  We are all talking about next season already.

Special thanks to Brad and all the guides at Amyot Lake Outfitters.  You truly have become friends of mine and I look forward to many years of bear camp together.


Bear Hunts That Won’t Be Forgotten!!!

June 18th, 2013 by Shaine Reece

To say the past few week of bear hunting have been some I won’t forget in a very long time.  Being passionate about what I do for a living and allowing other to experience what I do led me to really strive to seek those with dreams out.  I had the opportunity to hunt with a young cancer survivor and my father on an Alberta bear hunt that honestly I will never forget.  Lets start first with Dalton.

Dalton at the young age of 11 was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer.  His will to beat his disease and survive cancer at a young age truly inspired me.  Now with a prosthetic leg, he was wanting to go on a hunt.  I was contacted by his family on how he would love to meet me and someday do a hunt with me.  It took me all of 2 seconds to put in place a time and date to do this hunt.  With some help from some amazing sponsors like ScentBlocker and Tenzing, the call to the family was made.  I had it worked out to do an all expense paid hunt in Northern Alberta to hunt bears with True North Outfitters.  Dalton not having a clue on what was about to happen I made my way to Fernie British Columbia.  With help from the family, the surprise was sprung and Dalton was in a state of shock.

Now where does my Dad come into play.  Well my father had never harvested a bear and at the young age of 60, I figured it was his time.  In telling Dad what I was doing, he wanted to be a part of it.  I know my fathers love for helping I knew this would be a hunt he wouldn’t forget.  He didn’t realize he would be able to hunt until my Mom and I told him he was hunting too.  Like a kid in a candy store, he was off shooting the Carbon Express Crossbow every night getting ready for his first bear hunt with me.

After a long drive, Dalton, Dad, Mark , Scott and I made it to bear camp.  We were greeted by Jeff Downing and also a father/son duo from Ohio.  Bill Macek and his son Nathan were in camp.  I had hunted with Bill in Ohio and when the heard of the story, he wanted to be a part too.  After getting our gear ready we were all off to hunt.  Bill, Nathan, Dalton and Dad had never harvested bears, so there were about to be a lot of firsts for these guys.  Dalton was saying how he would love to see a blonde phased black bear.  I explained to him that they are really rare and hard to find, but if all the stars aligned, he might get to see one.

Dalton’s hunt started with him, Mark and Scott getting to the site.  Expectations were high to see bears, but what they found was only what I and Dalton had dreamed about for him.  They weren’t in the stand 3 minutes and out from the brush comes a beautiful blonde phased bear.  Yes you read this right, a blonde bear.  Dalton was so excited he almost jumped out of the blind.   Within seconds the bear was at the bait and his 7mm o8 ring in the Alberta forest.  Bear down and what a bear he had.  I don’t know who was more excited out of the three, but all I know is there were a lot of hugs and tears flowing from all.

Dad and I were about 5 miles down from them not knowing all this had gone on.  As Dad and I sat in the stand our excitement level was over the top.  Knowing how bad Dad wanted to see and harvest a bear, we were both on pins and needles.   About 2 hours into it, I hear a noise coming toward us.  As I looked back, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was a giant!  I looked at Dad and said don’t move.  Dad in his calm self said “is it a big one?”  Without hesitation I said “Dad its a giant, please don’t move.”   The bear was literally under the stand smelling the ladder.  Dad this whole time couldn’t see the bear.   As he went to the bait, I looked over and the shacks began.  We were both shaking like leave in the wind.   After what seemed like hours, the bear was in position for Dad to make the shot.   With a steady aim, the bolt was shot and Dad made the perfect shot.  We both screamed like little kids and then the tears flew.  My father had harvested the largest bear he had ever seen.  A 7 foot plus monarch.  Words can not express the level of excitement and pride I had in my father.

With two bears on the ground and both not knowing what had happened, we all finally made it back to camp.  To know that both tagged their first bears, and both wanting the types bears harvest, obviously someone from above was blessing this hunt.

I am so proud of both for putting the hammer down on 2 amazing bears.  The week of hunting went as good as you could have imagined.  I was able to harvest a 6′6 bear with my Dad in stand with me, Bill harvested his first bear, and Nathan harvested his first two.  What an unbelievable week with friends and family.  This is why I do this show, is to let others experience the great outdoors and live dreams.  I can guarantee you this, none of us will forget this week ever.

Special thanks to True North Outfitter, Scent Blocker, Tenzing, Trophy Taker and Carbon Express for making everyones dreams become reality.  You are amazing companies, and even more amazing friends!


Turkey Down In Montana!!

May 23rd, 2013 by Shaine Reece

Opening day of turkey season was one I won’t forget soon.  After calling in a bunch of Jakes for Darrell, we decided to head out and call it a morning.  With the weather turning bad, Darrell decided to stay home that evening and not go out.  During this time, I get home and I am swarmed by my girls wanting to know how it went.  Told them turkeys were there, but no good toms to shoot.  In an instant, my two youngest asked if they could go.  Without hesitation, I said yep, lets get ready.  Two hours later we were on the road heading back to the blind.  As we get all our gear in the blind, the excitement level was over the top.  Sitting for the first two hours with nothing happening the mood started to change.  All of us were getting cold and I looked at them and said we should hang for another 15 minutes and if nothing comes into the field we should leave.  They both agreed and the plan was made.  I don’t know if it was luck or just destiny, but 5 minutes later, two big toms came into the field.  I looked over and both girls eyes were the size of watermelons.  The game was on.  After a little calling, the birds were coming in on a dime.  Jaidyn was saying shoot daddy shoot.  I was trying to explain to them both what was happening with the turkeys in front of us, plus trying to run the camera.  I don’t believe our eyes ever were off the birds.  After about 15 minutes in front of us the time had come to make the shot.  As I drew my Hoyt back, both girls held their breath.  As the arrow was released and hit its mark I honestly don’t know who was more excited.  With cheers of joy we had our turkey on the ground.  Both my girls were so excited to get spend time in the blind with me and to have a turkey on the ground to boot.  Man what an amazing hunt.  They both dove out of the blind and had there hands on him before I could blink and eye.  Amazing footage, but even more amazing time with my girls.  Thanks Jaidyn and Tailyr for hanging with me and sharing great moments in the field.  That is what its about, spending time with your kids in the woods!!



March 8th, 2013 by Shaine Reece

Well I am happy to say I got most of my tags in for the upcoming drawings.  Only thing left is Montana antelope.  So what state are we trying to get our lucky tags in.  Well lets see, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Montana and last but not least Wyoming.  WOW!!!.   I will let you all know what we get if any.  I’m hoping I get at least one lucky golden ticket LOL!

WOW What A Year!

February 5th, 2013 by Shaine Reece

WOW is all I can say to what was an incredible year for the SDO crew.  I apologize for not blogging more over the past few months.  To say I was all over and never home is an understatement.  Lets see where was I, OK I started off in Washington with good buddy Chris hunting for deer and elk.  After I recovered from getting sick, I was off to Arkansas for an incredible wounded warrior duck hunt.  Then I was back in Washington, and finally it was Christmas.  Then off to Louisville for ATA and then Las Vegas for SHOT.  Not a whole lot of time to do much.  2013 looks like it is going to be an amazing one for us.  We have so many cool opportunities to hunt all over the country.  I am so excited to keep you all updated on what we are doing.  I promise, I will do better this year.  God Bless and thanks for all your support of SDO.

North Dakota Wing Shooting Hunt Was A Huge Success!

October 24th, 2012 by Shaine Reece

John, Anthony and I had an amazing time in North Dakota.  Our trip was planned to do a little pheasant hunting and then do some goose hunting.  After a 14 hours drive, we finally made it to our destination.   To say the least we were all a little sore and ready to get out in the prairie and do some pheasant hunting.  After a quick stop at Fish and Game, we were off.  We were hunting with Kristi Lee, aka Kamo Kristi, and her hunting partner Dennis.  When it was all said and done, the SDO crew had 8 pheasant on the ground and some amazing film to go with it.  The following days the weather was flat out horrible.  The wind was blowing from 50 to 60 mph.  We pheasant hunted the next day and limited out before the rain actually hit.  Good thing, because when it rains in North Dakota, it rains.  So we headed out and decided that we needed to do a little goose hunting since the weather was perfect for this kind of hunt.  Anthony hooked us up with a buddy of his and we were able to get on some geese and put 8 of them on the ground along with 5 ducks.  What a great way to kill some time until the weather got better then limit out on geese.  Special thanks to Kristi Lee and Dennis for inviting us to North Dakota and showing us an unbelievable time pheasant hunting.



October 12th, 2012 by Shaine Reece

Man I apologize about not being more up to date on our blogs.  I promise in the future I will be better at getting some of this stuff done.  SO with that said, our fall season has been really good.  Lucas took his wife Tiffany out to try and get her first archery elk harvest.  Needless to say, she did just that.  Lets go back a bit and fill you in on the story.

First Tiffany drew a limited area elk tag in Montana.  One a lot of us would love to draw.  After she got word we ordered her up her new Hoyt Vector 32 in the Vixen model and she began to shoot.  It didn’t take long and she was bulls eyeing everything.  SO with her confidence at an all time high, she knew she was ready to make the shot.  But was she ready to deal with the metal aspect of elk hunting.  We all know when a big bull comes in, your heart and nerves are tested.  Last year, she tried her and came close a couple times, so she had a good feeling of what the nerves feels like.

The day finally came and they were off.  After an opening day of scouting it was time to hunt.  Now I am not going to tell you the whole story, because I want you to see it unfold on TV, but I will tell you that they picked the right spot.  With several big bulls screaming, it was only a matter of time before the big boy would come around.  Finally, the bull they were looking for decided to come challenge Lucas.  With the bull closing fast, Tiffany drew her Hoyt back and without a word, let the Carbon Express Meat Missile go.  Monster bull on the ground and I think it will go down as one of the largest bulls ever taken by a female on national television.  Great ending to and amazing family hunt.  Make sure you tune in to see this hunt unfold.  Congrats Tiff for taking this monster bull, public land on your own!!


Silent Draw Outdoor Team Is Getting Ready For Fall Hunting!

July 27th, 2012 by Shaine Reece

Man to say that the months of August and September are going to be a mad house, that is honestly an understatement.  The crew starts our fall hunting off with a spot and stalk antelope hunt in Montana.  The following week, Darrell and I are off to chase bugling bulls in Oregon.  This will be my first attempt at hunting elk in Oregon so I am extremely stoked.  Oregon is Darrell’s old stomping grounds and where he guided for years so this will be like a home coming for him.  Once we are done with Oregon, I am back to Montana to hunt high country mule deer with Lucas.  We have several bucks found and a couple that are will over 200 inches.  So needless to say I am excited about this hunt.  While we are doing that, Darrell will be taking his son Devin out on a elk hunt.  Devin was lucky enough to draw 2 elk tags this year in Montana, so Darrell wants to get his bull out of the way.  Once we are done with those hunts, Lucas and I will head out after a big bull for me in Montana, since the next week I will be heading to New Mexico with Darrell on an elk hunt there.  So for those two weeks, it is all about elk hunting.  Lucas will be taking his wife out while we are in New Mexico on her elk hunt in Montana.  Then we all get back home, and head out the next weekend for an elk hunt in Idaho.  So as you all can see, it is non stop hunting for the animals we all love to hunt.  We will keep you all posted on our successes and our disappointments along the way!

First Washington Turkey With Fourtrack Hunting Adventures!

June 27th, 2012 by Shaine Reece

To say I was extremely excited to be able to head to Washington state for the first time on a hunting trip is an understatement.  I have always wanted to and my opportunity to do so was now.  I was heading over to hunt with Chris Fourtrack of Fourtrack Hunting Adventures for turkeys. Chris and I are going to be hunting this fall for elk, but he was telling me how many turkeys he has in his area and that I should head over for a hunt.  I kept getting game camera pictures of some amazing toms, so I couldn’t refuse the offer.

After driving over, we went out to dinner to discuss our game plan for the morning.  He had a particular field with a couple big toms he wanted to try out first.  So as my alarm went off in my room at 2:30 am, my mind started thinking of the pictures I saw from the night before.  We headed out and were in the ground blind right before first light.

As the morning began to light up the field in front of us, we could start to hear the toms gobbling in the trees.  We could hear at least 5 toms in all directions.  All of a sudden I looked to my left and I could see a small tom in the field.  He was coming in on a dime.  All of a sudden he held up about 25 yards from my Double Header Decoys.  I thought it was strange, so I let out a few soft clucks, and all he did was gobble and turn away.  Chris and I looked at one another with disbelief.  Then it dawned on me that there must be a really dominate tom in the area.  Sure enough, I could hear some drumming behind the blind.  Chris and I were on high alert.  All of a sudden, I could see him.  He was 10 yards to my left.  He was huge, at least a 10 inch beard.  There was no doubt he was going to the decoys.  Bypassing my hen decoy, and straight to the tom, this big boy was mad.  He began to beat my decoy up so badly that all I could see feathers flying off both birds.  As I drew my Hoyt back to try and make a clean head shot, the bird gave me a shot.  8 yard and my arrow was on off.  The tom took off running and with confusion in the blind, we both looked at each other and wondered what in the world just happened.   After looking at the footage, you could clearly see the shot was on the mark.  So we got out of the blind and headed in the direction where the bird had disappeared.   There he was, Washington turkey on the ground, and the cool thing was, it was only a 45 minute hunt.  Chris was right, this area is loaded with turkeys.  You know I will be back with the crew next year for more turkey action.  Special thanks to Chris for inviting me down and I am stoked about our upcoming elk hunt this fall.