The Silent Draw Outdoors Crew

Utilizing years of Western big game hunting experience, the Silent Draw Outdoors crew will work to provide you with an in-depth look at methods of pursuing western big game such as elk, whitetail deer and mule deer, as well as mountain lion, bear and other predator hunting.

The Crew

crew shaine reeceShaine was born and raised in the great state of Montana. He learned how to hunt and be a good steward of the land from his father at a very young age. Shaine harvested his first big game animal at the age of 13. Since that first hunt, Shaine’s passion for hunting and spending time in the outdoors has only grown. The life lessons Shaine learned while growing up in the woods from his family and friends are the foundation of his life today.

Shaine is an avid hunter, fisherman and sports enthusiast. He considers himself to be a huge adrenaline junkie and believes that no goal is too high to attain. Throughout his life he is always setting new goals, proving that with hard work, any goal can be accomplished. His travels have allowed him to hunt from Alaska to South Africa and many places in between. Shaine has been recognized by some of the biggest companies in the hunting industry and has been documented in many outdoor publications. Shaine believes that hunting isn’t about how big of rack an animal has, but the adventure you have when spending time hunting.

Raising a family of his own now, Shaine hopes to be able to instill the love of the great outdoors in his children the same way his parents instilled it in him. He loves spending time with his girls in the woods, teaching them how to enjoy and respect all that God has created. All his girls love spending time in the outdoors exploring and learning what it means to be an outdoorsman. Some of his greatest memories with them are seeing the excitement in their eyes when the animals are close and they can experience the hunt for themselves.

One of Shaine’s goals is to bring the hunting heritage to as many families as he can. He hopes to be able to show others what it means to preserve the land, harvest wildlife and conserve nature for future generations. It is this goal that has led to the production of Silent Draw Outdoors. Now that Silent Draw Outdoors is prime time network show, Shaine wants people to see the hunt through his eyes and hopes that he inspires people to get out and live their dreams like he is every time he hits the woods.

crew billy halkinrudeBilly Halkinrude´s love for the outdoors started at a young age in the Pacific Northwest and has continued to this day in Western Montana where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Captivating people through film and video has been a part of Billy´s passion since early childhood. Over the years he has gained experience and knowledge through hard work and dedication, building successful working relationships with the many people he has been lucky to encounter along the way.

Through Silent Draw Outdoors Billy hopes to educate people on the importance of wildlife conservation and the action and excitement that nature offers. He believes that a successful hunt is not always measured by harvesting an animal, but by the moments spent in nature with family, friends, and colleagues.

crew john willoughbyJohn was born and raised in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota. He began hunting at the early age of six years old on the family farm. Growing up in the Central Flyway provided John the opportunity to become an experienced waterfowl and wing shooter. John learned the art of trapping from his Grandfather and Father both of whom mentored him and played a crucial part in providing his foundation to becoming an outdoorsman. The legacy they left him in the importance of conservation continues on today.

John was the first in his family to begin archery hunting. He has harvest a wide range of big game animals since both with rifle and with the bow. John was fortunate enough to harvest a Pope & Young Antelope in 1978 that scored 11th. in North America. He truly enjoys archery Antelope Hunting and refers to it as a poor man’s safari. John has had the opportunity to hunt across the United States and Canada and is an avid big game hunter, although he still enjoys connecting to his roots and wing shooting.

John is a retired law enforcement officer that has always had a deep sense of community service. He was a hunter’s education instructor for over 20 years teaching students in both North Dakota & Montana. He is member of numerous conservation groups such as The Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, NRA, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. He is a past Montana Volunteer State Chair for RMEF where he served two terms. John is also past Chapter Chair and current committee member of the Elkhorn Chapter of the RMEF in Helena Montana.

John has been blessed with two sons Dan & Pat and a daughter Kiri, all of whom hunt and recreate in the outdoors. The memories they have shared together in the field are something he holds very near and dear to his heart.

He is the proud grandfather of 4 grandchildren 3 boys and one girl and eagerly awaits the opportunity to hunt and pass on the Hunting Heritage that his Grandfather and Father passed down to him. Supporting, mentoring and giving new hunters young and old, male or female the opportunity to experience nature and the outdoors is one of his greatest passions in life.

John is also in charge of our marketing and development here at Silent Draw Outdoor Productions and we would encourage anyone that may be interested in advertising or becoming one of our partners to contact John for more information on how your business can become a part of the SDO Team.

Pro Staff

Pro Staff Chris FourtrackBorn in the California Bay Area in 1979 and growing up in the city, I had always wanted to experience the outdoors. It wasn’t until meeting my girlfriend in high school- who is now my loving wife, that I started to experience outdoor related activities. I quickly realized that hunting and fishing were my true passion in life. After Katie and I married, we moved to Washington state and had two boys (future hunting partners). My father in law, Denny Wolf, introduced me to the outdoors the year we moved here. Since then I have been hunting Eastern Washington.

In that time- I have been fortunate enough to harvest 5 Pope and Young archery whitetail bucks and countless Turkeys. Since I began taking people out hunting I found that I love when they are successful.  It’s more of a rush for me to help someone harvest an animal than it is for me to shoot it myself!  People call me crazy but that’s just how it is!

So I started FOURTRACK HUNTING ADVENTURES, which has become quite successful over the past years with countless harvests and happy clients.  By having a up and coming guide service I had contacted Shaine Reece several years ago and invited him on a Washington Turkey hunt and since than we have built a professional relationship and friendship. I have been behind the camera filming for SDO several times and to be honest filming hunts is probably on the top of my list!

I was born in Wisconsin where my dad had me out on my first duck hunt at a year and a half old and had me fishing at two and trapping at 3 . I’ve been hooked ever since . At a early age I always wanted to be part of a hunting show. Now as part of the Silent Draw Outdoors pro staff I am living a dream I’ve always wanted. I hope that I will be able to keep doing this for a very long time and help many people learn what I have learned over my 40 + years in the woods.

crew eric goetzingerEric was born and raised in southeast Minnesota and grew up hunting and fishing everything the region has to offer. He lives there today with his wife and two children. He fell in love with bow hunting 20 years ago and started filming hunts 10 years ago. Eric says the best part of hunting whitetails and turkey in the midwest is the constant chess match during the season. His best memories of hunting are guiding and hunting with family, especially his son, Hunter, who has also started filming hunts. Eric looks forward to filming the midwest for Silent Draw Outdoors.

crew issac goetzingerIsaac grew up on the family farm in southeast Minnesota. Hunting and fishing with his dad at a young age instilled an appreciation for the outdoors that sticks with him to this day. Today, Isaac still lives in Minnesota with his wife, Laura, and son, Connor. Isaac cannot wait to start sharing his passion for the outdoors with him as he gets older.

Isaac enjoys everything from flyfishing the local trout streams to waterfowl hunting to chasing spring gobblers. But his true passion lies in bowhunting whitetails in the fall with his dad and cousin, Eric. He loves the challenge every new season brings, and laying it all down on film adds yet another level to the experience. He is looking forward to working with the SDO crew and share the excitement every new outdoor adventure brings

crew-clint-fredrickAs a fifth generation Washingtonian, Clint started his education in hunting very early on in life, trapping coyotes and ground squirrels with his Grandfather on the farm. Hunting and Fishing were not only hobbies for Clint’s family, who were settlers on what is now Wildlife Refuge land, but a necessity for survival. Years of passed down experience helped to cultivate Clint into the outdoorsman and hunter he is today. At the age of seven he was given his first 22 caliber rifle and he started to hunt small game around the farm every free minute available. Clint harvested his first big game animal (Mule Deer Buck) at the age of 9 and hasn’t slowed down in his pursuit since. At age 17 Clint was introduced to archery by his Uncle, and he then set out to hone his skills for success. Lots of practice and dedication led to his first archery kill that same year (Black Bear). Now over 20 years later Clint’s passion for archery is still as strong as ever and has become his only true method of harvesting all game, big and small.

Sharing his passion for archery with others is important to Clint and he has introduced the sport to his wife and daughters as well as volunteered to do a youth mentorship program.  Teaching his wife and guiding her on her first archery harvest was all it took to make Clint realize that experiencing the hunt with others is as gratifying as hunting the animal himself. Over the years he has guided and filmed several hunters to their first harvest with both rifle and bow. Clint enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for hunting and the outdoors every chance he can.

crew-scott-connoleBorn and raised in Western Montana, the outdoors has always been a part of life for Scott Connole. Hunting and fishing have been a part of his family heritage for many generations from his Grandpa to his Dad to him. He has hunted big game for over thirty years, and has been hunting small game and varmints since he was six years old. Scott also enjoys getting out and being in the fields hunting upland birds and the wetlands for waterfowl.

Whether hunting and fishing or four-wheeling and camping, family has always been a big part of Scott´s outdoor life; he and his two kids spend as much time together as possible in these activities. Scott preaches good hunting ethics and the proper respect for the outdoors.

crew-anthony-connoleAnthony, Scott’s son, has been learning these traits since he was six months old when he went on his first fishing trips in Scott’s backpack. He could elk talk before he could say Mom or Dad, and it seems he has had a bow or a gun in his hand as long as he can remember. At age two he got his first archery equipment and started 3-D shoots when he was five, resulting in many archery trophies and medals through his young life. Anthony has taken a variety of big game animals with his archery equipment including elk, deer and antelope, all starting with his first spot-and-stalk Mule Deer buck with his bow at age twelve. An avid outdoorsman, Anthony has taken thirty-nine big game animals with rifle or archery equipment since the age of twelve, and equally enjoys brush-busting the fields for a big ringneck pheasant or laying in a goose blind in below-zero temperatures.

Scott and Anthony are excited to be a part of Silent Draw Outdoors crew and look forward to the adventures ahead.